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Tracy is amazing at what she does!!!!! Our shepard is doing fantastic work with her guidance. She is patient and has such a huge heart. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to train their furbaby!!!!!!!

Shay Horvers

Tracy has helped me train my labradoodle, Oliver. She has been consistent and given me ways to make training fun for both Oliver and I. Not only has she provided me with a well trained dog but she has also given Oliver the skills necessary to be my partner and assist with challenging tasks! I’ll be a lifetime customer

Lindsey Page

I met Tracy through an organization in West Virginia. I can honestly say with out her I wouldn’t have such an amazing dog. Tracy has taught her so many things in such a short time. She is very knowledgable when it comes to dog behaviors and the best way each dog learns. She changes each training style to best fit the dogs learning style and what we are comfortable with. She is very punctual and she is respectful of what you want to teach your dog and how. I wish i could give her more than 5 stars!

Lizzy Smith

I met Tracy at Julington Creek Animal Walk, she took Sasha and I on as a “Project” and what a journey it has been!!  Sasha is a GSD very determined to have her way!  From the beginning Tracy showed amazing patience with both of training isn’t just about the dog, it’s also the owner! She gave us both great training, 
she was consistent and we repeated the same task until we were successful. She worked around our schedule and kept our sessions to one hour as to not stress the dog. We completed basic obedience and went on to CGC certification.  We look forward to continuing our education with advanced classes. I highly recommend her as a K9 trainer. Thank You Tracy for your training and becoming a friend as well.

Debra Walters

I’ve known Tracy for years! She has always been a good friend and known about my mental illnesses. The time came when I was told by my doctor that it was time to seek a service dog and I went straight to Tracy. She trained my boy wonderfully and he is now been helping me for almost 4 years! Every training with every person is different as she customizes the training to the handler.  I was able to shadow her on a few trainings and got to see just how different each one was but they all responded so well! I am so thankful for Tracy not just as a really good friend but she quite possibly saved my life by training my dog. 5 Stars for sure!

Ashleigh North


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